Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adoption Agency

Well, if you know the rest of our story, you know that it didn't end with my last post. The clearances were not just going to appear and I could not get them even though they were my fingerprints. The adoption lawyer suggested that we contact an adoption agency to see if we could explain our plight to them and get them to help us with the FBI and state clearances. By this point it was into May and we were told we had to have everything in by the end of April. We hurriedly looked for an adoption agency. Since we live in a small town we didn't have any options here that we could find. We ended up getting an adoption agency a couple of hours away and I just fell in love with Judy. She was everything I was needing right then. She was so sweet and helpful and QUICK! She helped us get the fingerprinting set up and sent in all the information that she could right away. She went ahead and agreed to do our post placement interviews and helped ease the stress caused by our other situation. When we started working with Judy, things just got easier. Everyone at the adoption lawyer was great on their end, but we were needing someone on our end and Judy was there with everything we needed. May 7th we secured her services and the agency she worked for. Two weeks after being accused of having a private adoption agency, we did actually get one.

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