Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whirlwind Days

I know that I am leaving things out. Everything happened so quickly yet it seemed to take forever. I realized the other day that it was a month from the day that we knew of these babies existence to the day that we left our home to get them. We definitely had stress filled days and nights. There were times that we were so sure that we would be parents soon and times that we were equally sure that these babies were not to be ours. We had mountains of paperwork, things that just had to be done, hours spent on the phone, prayers all the time, worries about finances, babysitting. I had a niece that was about to be born in another state and I wanted very badly to be there for her arrival if at all possible. There was just a lot going on and all the while I was wondering if THIS time it would all work out. And it did, of course. Just to give a little run-down here:

April 19- Find out about three little cuties needing a forever home.
April 20- Call Social Worker to get help with copies of home study. She basically refuses and I am able to take care of it.
April 23-Call Social Worker again. No answer. Email. No Reply.
April 24- Ditto
April 25- Call again. This time get an answer. Very nasty treatment and Refusal to help.
April 26- Drive an hour away to meet with her boss's boss. Get some help, but not all.
April 27- All FBI clearances, state clearances and child abuse clearances MUST be in. They are not. I feel hopeless. 
May 1-  Adoption lawyers suggest getting an adoption agency to help with clearances and post placement    
visits. Contact an agency they recommend and get turned down because of the distance.
May 3- Talk to the current caretakers of all three children. Get so excited and Finally start thinking that it     might be really coming together!
May 7- Get an adoption agency lined up. They get to work IMMEDIATELY getting us the remaining info    that we need to bring our babies home.
May 8- My birthday, pretty uneventful day considering all the chaos.
May 9- Skype with the boys. We had a problem with our camera and we could see their BEAUTIFUL   faces "in person" for the first time, but they could not see us.
May 10-Skype with boys again for a few minutes. Not very talkative on either side. We didn't want to scare  them and they just wanted to play. We were smitten! We also decided along with their caretakers that Skype was too distracting, the phone would probably be better.
May 11-Drive to my sister's home on Friday. Plan on staying until early Monday morning. Pray that Baby is   born before I leave to go back home.
May 12- no hint of baby.
May 13- Mother's Day. Baby Leah makes her debut. I KNEW she was a girl! Get a phone call from my boys and they yell, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" I know that someone put them up to it, but I will never forget hearing my boys call me Mama for the first time. Happy Mother's Day indeed!     
May 14-Kiss baby Leah goodbye and drive home, daydreaming about the day in the near future when I will meet my babies in person.
May 15-18 Wait on news that all the paperwork has been cleared and we are good to go.
May 19- Drive away from home as husband and wife ready to take on additional titles of Daddy and Mama.

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